3D Welding Table OT 1010

  • Octagonal welding table, ergonomic with adjustable angle
  • Can be mounted on motorized rotator.
  • Superflat surface, 16mm fixturing holes pattern.
  • More than 60 fixtures, jigs and accessories are available for better welding experience.
  • Custom order welcome.
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Material: Steel SAPH 400 or equivalent, ±5mm
Table dimension: 1000mm x 1000mm x 100mm
Reinforcing: 4 ribs with 8 braces
With universal mount to motorized rotator (not included)
Leg dimension: base 800mm x 800mm
Locating holes for ground anchor bolts : 4
Leg angle : +45° to -45° , 4 lock position
Load capacity: 600 kg evenly distributed, flat horizontal position
Height to top table : 800mm
Weight : ±120 kg
Descapro System S16 accessories compatible
Optional: Custom leg color, Wheels

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