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Established in 2018, Rajawali metalworks is specializing in design, engineering & manufacture of precision platform for welding & assembling projects. We provide worldclass, integrated professional solutions for customer growth and sustainability.

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  • Manufacturing
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  • Research / R&D
  • Maintenance & Repair services
  • Construction
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  • Interior works
Welding table
Superflat Welding Tables

Stable, strong, convenient and safe working platform


Faster fit up, strong holding & control over welding process

Best Welding Tables, Fixtures & Accessories 2024


Features and benefits of using Descapro welding tables:

  • Superflat table (0.2mm/100) for precision of positioning.
  • Modular design allows variable configurations.
  • Repeatable positioning due to precision of the holes.
  • Eliminate mistakes & rework , save money.
  • 4x faster welding process than conventional.
  • System S16 allows the quick and easy mounting of the accessories.
  • Complete range (60+) of accessories are available.
  • Economical price, high quality products.
  • Fast & easy to setup and maintenance.
  • Provide safe and strong work area.

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