Hardox plate is a friction-resistant plate that can withstand wear and tear and has a typical hardness of up to 600 HB. Hardox plate is very suitable for applications where it is exposed to heavy friction by hard minerals and other abrasive materials.

Hardox plate is one of the wear plate brands among hundreds of brands on the market. Hardox plate is not a type of material. Until now, wear plates are not registered with international standards associations such as ASTM, JIS or DIN, except for wear plates with a Mn content of 12%, which are classified as high manganese steel material (Manganese Plates).

Wear Plates can be grouped based on their hardness, for example 400 HBN, 450 HBN and 500HBN and by the way they are produced, namely water quench [Hardox cs] and oil quench [Creusabro cs]. So each manufacturer has their own brand

Bulldozers, Excavators, Dump Truck Wear Liners, Mining Liner Plates, Agricultural Machinery, Chute Liners, Crusher Liner Plates, Hoppers Liners, Shredder Blades, Mixing Blades, Feeders, Crushers, sievers, feeders, measuring pockets, loaders, industrial trucks, lorries, Earth Moving Buckets, Cyclones, Deflector Plates

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